• Accurate costs are always dependent on the type of project or mandate
  • Decisive factors are, however, the scope of time (hours) on the one hand and the length of the cooperation on the other
  • The resulting total costs are therefore a matter of prior agreement and customer-specific


  • Hourly rate: 100,00 €
    Daily rate: 1.000,00 €
  • The fee costs do not include the statutory VAT of 19% (currently 16% until the end of 2020)
  • Invoices are payable immediately without deductions




  • Travel costs are charged at the lowest cost of travel (2nd class rail or economy class for flights). Lodging costs are subject to the same principle of austerity
  • Travel and accommodation costs shall be assumed by the client upon receipt. For a journey of more than two hours, a flat rate of 200 € per each for travel to and from the location will be additionally charged




  • For workshops, the customer is to provide suitable rooms, working materials and catering. Agreements can be cancelled at any time with effect from the following month
  • This applies in particular if partial goals of workshops or individual steps are not achieved or the results are unsatisfactory. Fees accrued up to that point will be invoiced pro rata

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