My work is based on professionalism. The diverse experiences and successes I have gathered in my fundraising practice combined with my sound theoretical knowledge provide me with a solid foundation for success.

It is in the nature of things that non-profit organisations have to be efficient and conscious in their use of scarce resources. Investments in fundraising cost time and money – and so do consulting services. Therefore, I emphasise the quality and accuracy of the services I can provide. I only offer you what your organisation can afford and support you in achieving the maximum output from your investments.



In fundraising, ethical values and compliance with codes of conduct play an increasingly important role. I work according to the rules of conduct of the Association of Fundraising Professionals (afp) and my consultancy will always meet these standards.

My primary concern is to work closely with you in a manner that is tailored to your needs. The empathic fundraising itself takes place in your organisation. I make myself available as an “external observer” to give you appreciative yet sometimes critical feedback on your own work. A prerequisite for such feedback is a basis of trust, for which we are jointly responsible.



I am firmly convinced that qualified and motivated employees are the core of strategically successful fundraising. The greatest possible involvement of the people who are ultimately “closest” is therefore an integral part of my working method.

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